Tips for working remotely

Departure Lounge

You’re out of the office and on the train and…opening your laptop?
Mobile working is key to our fast-paced world and not always avoidable.

1. Plan ahead

We know…planning ahead is a feature of 99% of business advice articles, but it’s a particularly crucial strategy when working on the go.

2. Make a list

Make a list of everything you need to do and order it by priority. It’s also a good idea to check that the place/s you’ll want to work in have Wifi. If they don’t it might be a good idea to invest in your own.

3. Communicate

Be sure to let the office know when/where you’re going so your ordinary office duties are covered.

4. Be selective

Only worry about the essentials. When on the move, you cannot overestimate or worse, not consider at all the amount of time you can dedicate to your tasks. Social media can wait. Try to only deal with the crucial. You never know when your working time may be cut short and unlike in the office, you can’t get the IT department to fix it.

5. Be equipped

Make sure you have all your tools with you. Maybe even dedicate a compartment in your work bag for all your plugs, wires and connectors so they can all jumble together and confuse you (but at least you’ve the assurance they’re all in one place!) There’s nothing worse than reaching for a charger you desperately need…that isn’t there.

6. Less paperwork

Try to keep paperwork to a minimum. Unless it’s unavoidable, it’s better to work digitally. You run the risk of stressing yourself out with mountains of paper and as a result, losing it. Technology gives us the satisfaction of knowing everything is in one place.

7. Stay social

Try not to isolate yourself from your office. Your team members should feel like you’re taking a week’s break in Derry, not being drafted into an interstellar mission. Check in with them over Skype if possible, or even just shoot them a quick text to let them know of your work plans. You still want to keep somewhat up-to-date.

Let’s face it, you’ll find yourself in a lot of coffee shops when working remotely.

Find a quiet corner: Coffee shops are full of interesting people. Avoid them. Beware of theft and keep an eye on your belongings and pay particularly close attention to your technology. If something doesn’t need to be in front of you, put it away.