Want to get your CV noticed?

I get asked quite often what the best format for a CV would be, in truth there isn’t any one standard I would say is better than another but there are a few things you can do to help.

Firstly you have to think what you are trying to achieve and touch on the things that are important to your reader. The main things in any situation are centered around these four buying motives:

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Improve reputation

So how can you translate this into your CV, maybe you are in a role that you think doesn’t touch on these four statements? Well you would be wrong! If you work for any company you do it for a reason and I promise you it will be related to one of the four above.

Numbers are your friend that you turn to first, If you made money then again how much was it ? How did it compare to your target? Who were the beneficiaries in this case? Why did you do it?

If you saved money then again how much? What percentage improvement did it give, who benefited form your work?

If you saved time then how was this reflected? How did this make the process more efficient? How much time did you save? How did this compare to how it was done before? Did the time saving save any money? If so how much? And who benefited from this?

With regard to improving the reputation of a company, many candidates get a little confused on how they maybe impact on this. There are many ways in which this could happen, one reason could be an accreditation to a ISO standard or a safety governing body, another could be connecting with the local community in a way which improves local relationships. It could be charity work or social agenda items. You may have saved the environment!

The real key is to stop and think how and what you do impacts positively on the company you work for as this is where the value is that you could bring to a new employer, it is also the value that they see in you for remuneration negotiations.

Believe me when I say this but numbers will be there for you in some way so go and find them and highlight them in your CV.

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